BRANDING - is a base of your advertising activity. There are many reliable definitions of branding, given by marketeers, designers etc., but these only put a limits as every definition does. As for us branding is everything. It’s a continuous stream with its own direction and structure. in detail

COMPLEX ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. There are only 6 main figures and the 64-cells board in chess. But the set of different combinations is unlimited. Despite considerable progress of the chess’s theory and numerous recommendations, there is no universal recipe how to win a game. in detail

COPYWRITING. Silence is gold, but not in advertising. Your slogans, ads and messages have to be as accurate and sharp as a blade. in detail

PRINT DESIGN - it is a layout development for all kinds of printing product: calendars, booklets, folders, magazines, brochures, posters, leaflets, flyers... A person would touch these objects and would get involved in your advertising campaign. That’s why such advertising instruments have a unique role and printing design has some special features. in detail

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING Has some features. It’s necessary to find a happy medium between perceptibility and advertisement message comprehension... in detail

PACKAGING DESIGN - is a language of goods, saying to the customer: «BY ME!». It can be either rich or laconic, provocative or restrained, fascinating or unsophisticated. in detail

WEB-DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING. Good site has to be simple, clear, logical, fast and rated in the top of the searching tools. in detail

DESIGN OF ENVIRONMENT. It often happens small scratches grow to the great and interesting projects. Creative work has no limits, and environment design shows it clearly. There are a lot of determining factors... in detail

PHOTOGRAPHY. Photo images are in the foreground of our work. Quality of photos determines final result, because no Photoshop can correct poor angle or composition. in detail

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