- What will you do here?
- I want to discover America.
- And will you have publicity?
- Publicity? It’s a first time I hear such world.
Indigene took a long look at Columbus and finally said:
- You don’t know what publicity is?
- Nope.
- And you’ll intend to discover America? I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, Mr. Columbus.
- Why? You think I won’t be able to discover this rich and fertile land? – the great Genoese worried.
But the Indigene moved away already, muttering under his nose:
- No publicity - no prosperity.

I. Ilf, Y. Petrov. «Columbus lands»


Branding is a base of your advertising activity. There are many reliable definitions of branding, given by marketeers, designers etc., but these only put a limits as every definition does. As for us branding is everything. It’s a continuous stream with its own direction and structure.

These are marketing place, consumer’s perception, product ideology - every single detail of your business matters. Your success depends just on the right branding strategy. Everything goes out of the brand - printing and outdoor advertising, site concept and so on. It’s better to decide on branding before starting everything else.

We do works like these within the scope of branding:

  • Prior market analyses;
  • Naming;
  • Copywriting (also including legend of the brand, motto and slogan);
  • Original logotype design;
  • Corporate identity development;
  • Brandbook making.

After completion of these rituals a satisfied client is interested in further cooperation (see the list of our Directions).


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