01|01|2012   Happy New Year!
We have an old tradition to celebrate two Happy New Years (1 and 14 of January). From the 1990s eastern traditions also were adopted, so our people celebrate not only Happy, but some special New Year according to the Chinese calendar. 2012 is the year of Water Dragon. Frankly speaking, original Dragon`s Year starts on 23 of January, but who cares? So we do some special rituals and start to sing Dragon's praises from the 1-st of January 2012. If you choose excessive formality or pure Chinese style, you have to... подробнее

15|11|2011   Good shoes
We had no site before. Like the famous proverb says - The cobbler always wears the worst shoes. But recently we started to notice such pathos phrases: “If company isn't presented in Web, therefore the company doesn't exist!“ - feels like the site's question has already been ripe. Sometimes even for designers it's good to be like others, isn't it? :-) The trip will be long and full of adventures, so happy journey, dear visitors! подробнее

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