18|04|2012   Fashion-Cola
Соса-Сola company offered famous Italian fashion designers create their own versions of bottles in charitable project "Tribute to Fashion". Authors of limited edition packs are Donatella Versace, Moschino, Angela Missoni, Alberto Ferretti, Consuelo Castiglioni and Etro. Ask it in shopping malls :-)... подробнее

27|03|2012   Muhr and Flies
Swedish photographer Magnus Muhr used dead flies as models for the series of comic images. The idea came to him during a boring party. Magnus started to entertain himself: he put dead incect on the white paper, drow legs and hands and made a photo. All this funny stuff turned to successful project soon. Magnus never killed flies for the photos. He found his models in lamps, on windowsills and so on. Some pencil's strokes turn dead fly's heap into amusing images. To date Fly Art style pictures are famous all... подробнее

29|02|2012   Survived through the winter!
It will be spring tomorrow... What a wonder how seasons affect souls, creation and design. It`s snowing outside, but we understand - this is a spring snow. And cold weather is only coolness, and this slush isn`t an autumn sadness, but very hopefull - it`s getting warmer everywhere, especially in our souls )) All of us survived through the winter! Hurrah! подробнее

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