10|12|2012   Landscape + Foodstyle + Still life = Foodscape
"Foodscape" is a term by London photographer Carl Warner. He combined Landscape, Foodstyle and Still life photography to create his own Foodscape-style. Carl got worldwide fame after 2008, when his magic pictures become popular in Internet. Photographer successfully collaborates with different agencies since ever, creating original and outstanding pieces of advertising art. Foodscapes are really hard work. Building of food landscapes and taking pictures have several stages and 2-3 days duration. Next... подробнее

04|09|2012   Calendar - 2013
Autumn is a calendar time. No wonder - designer`s calendar is a good and usefull tool to remind your partners about you all over the year without any risk they get rid of your advertising immediately. Image part of this stuff is also very high, but everybody knows it, so your calendar must be: - timely; in January new calendar is rather useless - all places on the walls and tables are taken by prompt competitors` calendars. We usually recommend our customers to start calendar process as early as possible to... подробнее

27|08|2012   Tennis player Maria Shara..., no, Sugarpova!
Celebrities convert their fame in different ways, which are far from their main activity sometimes. Well, tennis player Maria Sharapova decided to produce.... sweets. As sportgirl said USA Today, she dream of her business for a long time: "I always wanted to own something to be 100% mine, to make a final decision and to work with the people I want to work with. I thought about jolly business, something for youth. So the idea of sweets came this way".Photo from Jeff Rubin (top-manager of... подробнее

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